Beta Civetta Bolide VR38 1.0

A VR38-powered Civetta Bolide!

  1. Angry_Bird
    Civetta Bolide VR38

    This is the Civetta Bolide VR38

    Here is the Engine bay with twin turbos and dual intake manifold.

    It has several levels of tune and turbocharger levels as well. From the stock 550 hp to the unbelievable 1800+ hp. There are also many preestablished configurations to choose from as well. In the future updates AWD will be standard in all configurations.

    Configuration List:
    V6 TT Premium: Based on the Nissan GTR Premium 2017
    V6 TT GTR: Based on the Nissan GTR NISMO
    V6 TT Alpha 7: Based on the Nissan GTR AMS Alpha 7 Package
    V6 TT Ronin: Based on the Nissan GTR AMS Alpha Ronin Package
    V6 TT Alpha Omega: Based on the Nissan GTR AMS Alpha Omega Package

    Note: The engine model is based on the BeamNG in-game vanilla midsize V6 engine model with some modifications. The engine sound is based on the engine sound to make it sound like an actual VR38.

    @DaddelZeit also greatly helped me to fix some of the issues of making the model as well.

    Have fun!



Recent Reviews

  1. AsianPotato19
    Version: 1.0
    The sound quality is not very good.
  2. CR1SPY
    Version: 1.0
    The sound is not very good and the car is very hard to handle, but that could also be a good thing
    1. Angry_Bird
      Author's Response
      That is why the current state is still beta. I will add AWD in the future so the torque steer will be minimized. Notice you can enable the ESC to make it easier to drive.
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