Beta Civetta Chianti 1.0

An Italian sports SUV

  1. CarGeek25
    Civetta Chianti
    Based on the Stelvio Quadrifoglio and named after a popular Italian driving road, the Chianti is Civetta's newest creation.

    With 505hp and a top speed of 176mph, the Chianti is sure to be quicker than some sports cars.

    Its revolutionary AWD system gets it off the line quicker than the competition and stays stable in rough conditions.

    screenshot_2021-12-13_17-44-57.png screenshot_2021-12-13_17-45-53.png screenshot_2021-12-13_17-47-33.png screenshot_2021-12-13_17-49-26.png

    This is my first mod so please don't be too harsh

Recent Reviews

  1. Colin-32611
    Version: 1.0
    Eh I would say it's a minivan, making it the world's fastest.
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