Civetta Scintilla Skin Pack 1.01

First colorable skin (and maybe a skin pack) for the scintilla

  1. iplaybeam
    First time making a (colorable) skin. It was a bit difficult without any troubleshoot guide whatsoever. I plan on making more skins later on.

    Limited edition skin meant as a celebration of some sorts from Civetta, I'm not that knowledgeable in lore to know what celebration though.


    Current issues:
    • Clearcoat and Roughness sliders may screw with the skin causing some colors to appear mismatch, you do want to turn them down in order for the colors to match
    • The stripes is a bit rough up close
    • Config doesn't come with a performance panel but not needed for the config to work
    Do not reupload to other sites.

    Credits: skin assets, tutorial

Recent Updates

  1. more fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. DoritoPowahhhh
    Version: 1.01
    That paint scheme is used for the first 50 Scintillas in celebration for Civetta's 75th Anniversary
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