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CJD Special Tunes 2.2

high performance parts for all vehicles

  1. Back with lots of shiny new stuff

    Ok so I did quite a lot of stuff that I don't remember to do with general bug fixing and improvements so I'll just list some of the big here:
    - Many of the configs have been changed for more variety and drive-ability, although I wouldn't be surprised if something was wrong so post a reply in the discussion if you think something is off and I'll check it.

    Major config changes:
    - Because of the new pessima's AWD not working correctly I've de-tuned the engine and made it FWD only (not that i wanted to)
    - The legran has had the 3.8L V6 swapped for the 3.0L V6 for more reasonable/manageable power
    - The van now uses a diesel V8 (which is ultimately more powerful)

    - The 200BX now has the option of a 4.0L V8 from the bolide with superchargers, turbochargers and a cut hood to fit them with the new models (this is a lot of fun to drive)
    - The sunburst also got a new engine with a 3.0L V6 from the pessima because if the pessima can't use all that power something should (also a lot of fun, it handles the power surprisingly well)
    - Note that these are not yet in configs, but they will be soon

    I wanted to get an update out before my uni course started so here it is, enjoy!
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