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CJD Special Tunes 2.2

high performance parts for all vehicles

  1. Some fine tuning

    re-tuned some of the configs:
    - 200BX Drift Special now uses the 4.0L V8 alongside custom drift brakes(kinda like a hydraulic handbrake) and steering with as much angle as I could reliably get.
    - re-made the covet rally from scratch
    - hopefully fixed all of the broken configs
    - overhaul of the engine blocks for the 2.0L I4 race engine to give more variety and allow more combinations with different intakes
    - minor drivability changes to most vehicles

    I'm going though all the configs and making changes where i see fit at the moment so don't expect major updates with lots of new parts - where will be some here and there but I'm trying to find uses for everything I've made rather than adding new things that have no purpose.

    As always hope you enjoy and feel free to tell me if you see anything out of place that could be changed/fixed.
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