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CJD Special Tunes 1.5

high performance parts for all vehicles

  1. Finally...

    So after a long re-build of most components and update its finally ready.
    I did as much testing as i could (laptop likes to get VERY hot now) so if you find any issues please contact me with as much detail of the issue as you can give.
    obviously the biggest change is the addition of nitrous and engine durability, so to combat this i have made my own nitrous kit, bottle and adjustable shot, the base kit will make the engine withstand all the nitrous you can throw at it (1000kW using mine) and then some, aside from this, the main use of my time was fine-tuning, I've worked to make things better, more realistic and more efficient.
    i re-worked the AWD for the covet, pessima (new) and legran so they now work for the stock gearboxes too.
    And probably a lot of things that i have forgotten, but, what can you do?
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