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CJD Special Tunes 1

high performance parts for all vehicles

  1. Finally...

    So after a long re-build of most components and update its finally ready.
    I did as much testing as i could (laptop likes to get VERY hot now) so if you find any issues please contact me with as much detail of the issue as you can give.
    obviously the biggest change is the addition of nitrous and engine durability, so to combat this i have made my own nitrous kit, bottle and adjustable shot, the base kit will make the engine withstand all the nitrous you can throw at it (1000kW using mine) and...
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  2. Excitement!

    I've started learning blender and modified some basic models they are currently not in use in the configs as they are not 100% but they do work, there are also placeholders for more ideas i have that i would like to make as i start to learn more.
    -new frame, rear suspension, bed and race brakes for the pickup
    -increased the grip of the 17X12 front and rear wheels
    -something i have definitely forgotten
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  3. new things and changes

    -all-new thumbnails for all vehicles
    -DCT for ETK 800 and K series
    -race front suspension for pickup (going to attempt to do rear aswell)
    -6.0L V8 diesel + turbocharger's + fuel tank to grand marshall
    -custom suspension for ETK I series with tuning adjustments

    -some more fine tuning of drive train and suspension for the covet, pessima (new), Le Gran and ETK I series
    -made the moonhawk diesel engine quieter
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  4. new things and stuff!

    -4.0L diesel I6 to pickup
    -6.0L V8 diesel for pickup
    ^custom tunes for both
    -made normal race and slicks for 15X8 wheels (covers large majority of 4-lug wheels)
    -re-made the sbr4's turbo to make more boost (about 680hp old was 570hp)
    -added the supercharger with variable pulleys to all cars using an I6 (including diesel variants)
    -something i forgot, probably
  5. things!

    offroad transfer case and differentials for moonhawk and barstow
    supercharger with changeable pulleys for 3.0L I6
    4.0L diesel I6 for hopper + turbo and supercharger
    7-speed DCT (with transbrake) for covet
    7-speed DCT (with transbrake) for sunburst
    rally pre-config for covet
    diesel 383 CUI V8 for barstow
    properly set up the 3.0L I6 with supercharger for barstow and moonhawk
    added changeable pulleys to all cars using 2.0L I4
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  6. more new stuff

    offroad suspension for sunburst
    locking differentials for sunburst
    locking transfer-case for sunburst
    off-road tires for 15X9 wheels (no new model)
    twincharger for all vehicles using the 2.0L I4 and V6 engines
    ability to change the pulley for race supercharger for the sunburst
    *insert forgotten item(s) here*
  7. new things!

    -all vehicles now have a 2-speed drag gearbox and custom torque converter
    -all vehicles now have 'big boost turbocharger kits' to go with the drag gearbox
    -made the 15X12 civetta competizione wheels available for the front
    -made 305 tires for 15X12 Civetta Competizione wheels (they work but i cant recommend them yet still WIP)
    -drag radiator and oilcooler for all vehicles
    -off road preset for barstow
    -drift preset for 200BX
    -something i probably forgot (again)
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  8. new stuff + fixes

    -AWD for barstow (offroad preset coming)
    -drag performance radiators for all cars
    -3.0L I6 for barstow

    -frame not working correctly for moonhawk
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  9. new sounds!

    -updated the engines for the new sounds
    -added a overdrive differential for barstow and moonhawk (cruise at 70mph at idle - is adjustable)
    -updated gearboxes for flywheels
    -added adjustable flywheels for some cars - more to be added later
    -added trans brake for 2-speed in barstow and moonhawk
    -added adjustable torque converter for barstow and moonhawk
    -added 50psi turbocharger for moonhawk (because the variable turbo was a bit much)
    -added better radiator for moonhawk for use with variable...
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  10. new stuff

    -variable test superchargers for pickup/roamer
    -V1212 engine for T-series (because who doesnt need a 12L V12 in a truck?)
    -383 diesel + diesel turbo + diesel fuel tank for moonhawk
    -AWD for moonhawk
    -offroad config for moonhawk
    -supercharger for covet
    -1.6L rally engine and turbo for covet
    -2.0L diesel I4 and diesel fuel tank for all cars using the 2.0L I4 (as a main engine)
    -some suspension tuning for pessima(new),legran and covet(to help with the AWD)
    -stock intake for...
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