Beta Classic UI 1.7.0

Pre-Race Update UI Apps in Latest Version!

  1. Classic UI v1.6 - Vehicle Selector, New Dark Mode, Fixes!

    Hello guys, figured I'd try and release another update before the holidays. Hope you enjoy!

    If you find any bugs, don't hesitate to post them on the thread!


    Classic Vehicle Selector

    You can also toggle Enable Modern Features in the Classic UI Menu to show previews!

    Note: when you add the Classic Vehicle Selector app, it will replace the vanilla vehicle selector. Just remove it to restore the vanilla one again.

    New Dark Mode (V2)
    I have added another type of dark mode, which is more in-line with modern apps.

    With this change, I have added it as a new dropdown menu for the App Style (replacing the "Dark Mode" checkbox).

    I have also added a new button, called Show Modern Features. This button makes it so that some of the apps show more things than they did previously. It takes a bit away from that "Classic" feel, but shows more useful information.

    Bug Fixes
    I have fixed a few things, notably the console spamming errors when resetting vehicles caused by the apps. The console should show less errors now!

    That's all for now guys, thank you for enjoying this mod! I'm glad so many people like it :)
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