Beta Classic UI 1.7.0

Pre-Race Update UI Apps in Latest Version!

  1. Update to 0.23

    Updated to 0.23.
  2. Classic UI v1.6 - Vehicle Selector, New Dark Mode, Fixes!

    Hello guys, figured I'd try and release another update before the holidays. Hope you enjoy!

    If you find any bugs, don't hesitate to post them on the thread!


    Classic Vehicle Selector

    You can also toggle Enable Modern Features in the Classic UI...
  3. Classic UI 1.5 - Small Update / Fixes

    Small update to fix a few things and added a simple powertrain app.

    Added Classic Powertrain App (WIP)

    • Fixed values erroring when first adding the Classic Menu app (causing options to not be changeable unless you reload the UI)

    • Fixed dropdown menu overflowing the "BeamNG Logo Style".

    • Fixed not being able to click apps in the right corner of the screen (the overlay of the Classic Menu blocked it even when it was closed)...
  4. Classic UI v1.4.1

    Classic UI v1.4 has been released!

    Notable Features

    Added the side menu from previous versions of
    • Not 100% accurate because I don't have the old versions of that had this. I used YouTube videos to recreate it best I could!

    Added a "Classic UI" tab to the sidebar to change various mod settings....
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