Unsupported Cliff Exploration 1.0.1

3 hard and 1 almost impossible scenarios testing your offroad skills on the cliff map

  1. RyvyLo
    For the moment, this mod is not working due to bnse not being updated yet for 0.7.0

    Important : This mod uses bnse. It will not work without it, so please make sure it's installed before reporting an issue

    This mod features 4 really hard scenarios that will test your offroad skills, your patience and your perseverance. I know these are hard, that's why most of them have functional checkpoints ( you can reset your car at the last checkpoint you went through )

    - Around the coast :
    Go around the island, and climb small mounts.
    Estimated completion time : 30-40 mins

    - Medium Peaks :
    Climb some higher mounts
    Estimated completion time : 30-50 mins

    - The Summit :
    Go to the top, then back down
    Estimated completion time : 10-20 mins

    - Offroad God
    Go around the island, and climb small mounts. Then climb some higher mounts. Then go to the top. Then go back down. Without functionnal checkpoints. Prove you're the true offroad god. ( I never finished it, and I don't expect someone to ever finish it. It's just here to challenge us )
    Estimated completion time : 1h+

    Credit :
    - As usual, the BeamNG dev team for their amazing game and mod support, and for the ferry model used
    - @Scepheo , for creating bnse, the mod which allowed me to put functional checkpoints

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Recent Reviews

  1. MxT333
    Version: 1.0.1
    Challenge accepted. I will let you know if its even possible. With or without restarting or resetting car. :)
    1. RyvyLo
      Author's Response
      I was wondering why this mod was still getting downloads :D
      It should be possible to complete them, you just have to not make any mistake for like 30-45 minutes
  2. Nero
    Version: 1.0.0
    In "The Summit" it took me 17 minutes to get up to the top, just to realize that the checkpoint isn't triggered when I drive through it. Maybe I insalled bnse the wrong way (I simply dropped the .zip inside my mods folder), but this is kinda gamebreaking for the scenario. I am not sure if I want to try out the other scenarios too now.
    1. RyvyLo
      Author's Response
  3. YortstarGaming
    Version: 1.0.0
    " I never finished it, and I don't expect someone to ever finish it. It's just here to challenge us"
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