Close-ratio Gearbox and differentials for Ibishu Covet 1.2

Improve acceleration without sacrificing topspeed!

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    Close-ratio gearbox tuned and optimized for the Track, Rally and Street Tuned Covet. (recommended final drive 4.2~4.5)

    Close-ratio for maintaining the RPM within the power band of Stage 2 Performance Blocked engine(6000~7500RPM). Significantly improved acceleration!

    Customized shiftlogic for quicker downshift,Tuned clutch assist for nice launches, Works fine in Arcade mode. Prevent upshift in wheelspin and no immediate downshift after.
    Customized torque converter & clutch for a powerful launch!
    BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642018_12_2410_20_14.png BeamNGdrive-015027533-RELEASE-x642018_12_2410_19_05.png

    Locking differentials and Spool "welded" differentials,
    The Autocoupler is not really a differential, it only transmit torque to the slower wheel.

    Lost a wheel? no problem! BeamNGdrive-014047356-RELEASE-x642018_12_1913_28_28.png

    With more configs!

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