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Codename : oldsfullsize 1.5.05

disguised pre-release test car of a famous car brand.

  1. SergentFido
    "Codename: Oldsfullsize" Mod V1.0


    By SergentFido, Ar162B, and other great fellows.

    Important Notice : This mod contains one single car but they are a lot of additionnal content in the BeamNG forums.
    You can find them here in the first post attachment :
    Please note that those addons won't work without this "Codename: Oldsfullsize" mod that contains critical basic files.
    That why there are an Addon.

    Also the mod is a bit intensive and may be laggy on some pc configs, especially the ones with AMD processor.

    Welcome to the "Codename : Oldsfullsize" mod.
    This Mod gives you the unique opportunity to drive the 1979 disguised prototype of a soon to be released famous car of the 80'.
    Try to escape from Motor Friend magazine photographs, test the car without damage it being chased by cops, make a review report to the factory :
    all those thrilling adventures are offered to you with a bit of imagination. And more seriously, a scenario based on this is very very welcome.

    Visit the forum to play as an addon to the real car that was released in 1980. Lots of content !

    download here !

    Screenshot there !


    The mod features:

    - Only one underpowered engine (while in the addon, they are plenty...)

    - a single body style (while in the addon, they are at least two !)

    - BeamNG default sound (While in the addon...)

    - BeamNG wheels (WITAddon ...)
    - color changeable but black fits it the best.

    The mod contains lots of BeamNG.drive parts :

    - Moonhawk jbeam and the Moonhawk Sedan Mod by Ar162b it's based on. A lot reworked and adapted to the lastest BeamNG.drive features : thermals, brakes, suspensions, etc...
    - Modified Moonhawk frame and textures, drivetrain.

    Credits :

    - SergentFido (Me) : 3D models, textures, initial jbeam tweaking of the jbeam to fit the car shapes, then final shape tweaking to get a front end deforming better.

    - Ar162B : Moonhawk Sedan Mod as the base of the project.
    then he joined the project to add a lot of features and make the body to get a better deformation, more accurate to the shape.

    - Synsol: He finetuned the engine, suspensions, brakes.

    - Djplopper : beautifull presets pics

    - Aboaroath, Peterbilt, Doullpepper, Bernd, Goosah, Djplopper, Darren9, CryDev, Tylertj, Ouerbacker, Яeverse Bass, and of course Synsol : Awesome beta testers


    - 22 september 2016 : first release

    So don't upload it anywhere without permission! (Courtesy of Ar162B and/or lazyness from me)

    This post will be updated with more infos, videos, screenshots.

    a (nice) review is always appreciated , please use forum thread for bug report"

    Screenshots :

    codename_oldsfullsize_010.jpg codename_oldsfullsize_008.jpg codename_oldsfullsize_007.jpg

    Have fun with the mod !

    And the addon !
    download here !

Recent Updates

  1. West Coast USA update
  2. Hotfix
  3. Major Update

Recent Reviews

  1. joey66666666
    Version: 1.5.05
  2. Lasteagle
    Version: 1.5.05
    With the addon you have too many cars to have fun with 10/10
  3. Szaniszló Richárd
    Szaniszló Richárd
    Version: 1.5.05
    I've had this mod for years, and it's absolutely amazing, and it gets better and better! There is just one thing : the sound seems to be bugging for me, as almost all engine sounds are almost inaudible, compared to everything else. The beater and the drag engines sound normal, but nothing else does. Any ideas? I've tested the game with just this mod alone, emptied the cache , even deleted the whole content of the Documents/BeamNG folder at one point.

    Best regards!

    Ps: the performance is amazing tho'! :)
    1. SergentFido
      Author's Response
      You're not the one reporting sounds issue, this is weird, i don't have them at all, but normal sounds. Do you have issues with other sound mods using the old Sbeam sound system ?
  4. tobysymons08
    Version: 1.5.05
    Lovely mod, the engine cannot flood though. Can't wait for more!
    All the cars a beautifully designed, and I haven't found any bugs.
  5. Aerohead1999
    Version: 1.5.05
    You have to be a DEV because this is absolutely brilliant amazing mod not even i would say this seems like it should be implemented in the game, amazing mod cant wait for next update?
  6. ayxangaming3
    Version: 1.5.05
    super but my pc lags
    1. SergentFido
      Author's Response
      thanks, yeah the mod is known to be quite intensive, nothing really possible to do about it unless a lot of work. Not worthy.
  7. BeamCarHomeTrade
    Version: 1.5.05
    Playing this mod over 1000years and only now explained,that this is an earlystage prototype of Grand Marshal
  8. rnd2k
    Version: 1.5.05
    the best
  9. SHADE575
    Version: 1.5.05
    Used this mod since ive had the game, detail is insanely true to life. Love the Caprice addon pack too man, good work. One of the few good car mods.
    1. SergentFido
      Author's Response
      Thank you :-)
  10. Gavril T85
    Gavril T85
    Version: 1.5.05
    The only problem is how FPS intensive it is. It's not too bad, but I feel like it should have less beams than a normal car, considering it's shape is so boxy. Instead, it has 5,500 beams. 4.5/5
    1. SergentFido
      Author's Response
      It's the exact opposite. A regular car like a Pessima or a Miramar needs less beams and nodes. This car is a body on frame, the body detaches from the frame. So to use the same way as you, the Moonhaws which it's based on has approx 4000 beams and less than 800 nodes. The Olds has 5500 and 900 because : it has two more doors. It's way longer, and when you have more length, you need more beams and nodes to keep a good deformation. This has nothing to do with the shape being boxy or not, as the jbeam skeleton is simplified anyway. Also the car is more intensive because it has a lot more flexbodies to make it heavily customisable. More flexbodies, more work for the physic engine.