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Codename : oldsfullsize 1.2

disguised pre-release test car of a famous car brand.

  1. SergentFido
    "Codename: Oldsfullsize" Mod V1.0


    By SergentFido, Ar162B, and other great fellows.

    Important Notice : This mod contains one single car but they are a lot of additionnal content in the BeamNG forums.
    You can find them here in the first post attachment :
    Please note that those addons won't work without this "Codename: Oldsfullsize" mod that contains critical basic files.
    That why there are an Addon.

    Also the mod is a bit intensive and may be laggy on some pc configs, especially the ones with AMD processor.

    Welcome to the "Codename : Oldsfullsize" mod.
    This Mod gives you the unique opportunity to drive the 1979 disguised prototype of a soon to be released famous car of the 80'.
    Try to escape from Motor Friend magazine photographs, test the car without damage it being chased by cops, make a review report to the factory :
    all those thrilling adventures are offered to you with a bit of imagination. And more seriously, a scenario based on this is very very welcome.

    Visit the forum to play as an addon to the real car that was released in 1980. Lots of content !

    download here !

    Screenshot there !


    The mod features:

    - Only one underpowered engine (while in the addon, they are plenty...)

    - a single body style (while in the addon, they are at least two !)

    - BeamNG default sound (While in the addon...)

    - BeamNG wheels (WITAddon ...)
    - color changeable but black fits it the best.

    The mod contains lots of BeamNG.drive parts :

    - Moonhawk jbeam and the Moonhawk Sedan Mod by Ar162b it's based on. A lot reworked and adapted to the lastest BeamNG.drive features : thermals, brakes, suspensions, etc...
    - Modified Moonhawk frame and textures, drivetrain.

    Credits :

    - SergentFido (Me) : 3D models, textures, initial jbeam tweaking of the jbeam to fit the car shapes, then final shape tweaking to get a front end deforming better.

    - Ar162B : Moonhawk Sedan Mod as the base of the project.
    then he joined the project to add a lot of features and make the body to get a better deformation, more accurate to the shape.

    - Synsol: He finetuned the engine, suspensions, brakes.

    - Djplopper : beautifull presets pics

    - Aboaroath, Peterbilt, Doullpepper, Bernd, Goosah, Djplopper, Darren9, CryDev, Tylertj, Ouerbacker, Яeverse Bass, and of course Synsol : Awesome beta testers


    - 22 september 2016 : first release

    So don't upload it anywhere without permission! (Courtesy of Ar162B and/or lazyness from me)

    This post will be updated with more infos, videos, screenshots.

    a (nice) review is always appreciated , please use forum thread for bug report"

    Screenshots :

    codename_oldsfullsize_010.jpg codename_oldsfullsize_008.jpg codename_oldsfullsize_007.jpg

    Have fun with the mod !

    And the addon !
    download here !

Recent Updates

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  2. Small Update

Recent Reviews

  1. pinefruit
    Version: 1.2
    Great car! Especially with the Addons!
  2. pirategamer
    Version: 1.2
    i like it
  3. 1234everbs
    Version: 1.2
    One of the best vehicles I downloaded! 6/5
  4. The F12 of Maranello
    The F12 of Maranello
    Version: 1.2
    It needs a better name. Still a 100/5.
  5. Cadillac1227
    Version: 1.2
    awesome when I first downloaded it o thought that it was broken so I read the description and I saw that you need the addons then I got them now this rules
  6. noonesmith
    Version: 1.2
    the mod is great but my only complaint is that it doesn't tell you how to install the content pack if I knew how to do that I would think this mod is even better
    1. SergentFido
      Author's Response
      Would it be possible for you to read the first lines of the discussion about the mod ? though it's written in the overview that the addon is available in the forum, i can ensure you all is there. It's not an install but a download though.
  7. hazzac181
    Version: 1.2
    Excellent mod. With the addon, the mod is very comprehensive and true to the original car.
  8. FX04
    Version: 1.2
    So cool... When the Wagon and Coupe?
    1. SergentFido
      Author's Response
      Pretty soon, activly on it.
  9. ryker
    Version: 1.2
    awsem bro
    1. SergentFido
  10. WalrusVersionofCRAZYRACER
    Version: 1.2
    This mod is one of thee best in the game. There are only a few other cars that get this quality... As much as I hate to say it... You deserve money for this. I hope that this mod will not get outdated anytime. It really captures that American Crapmobile aspect of cars. Like the Reliant Robin, It's so bad and dis-tasteful It's good. I appreciate for people like you who make this game an overall better experience. If you said that this was official content, but changed the Fascia a bit, I would believe you. The Car is Boaty and awful, Which is why It is so fun to drive. 6/5, One of the best mods on the forum. :)