Codename : oldsfullsize 2.1

disguised pre-release test car of a famous car brand.

  1. Hotfix for 0.20 update and other improvments


    The Oldsfullsize is back !

    After almost two monthes being outdated, here it's driving and crashing again.

    - Lua that made the car crash at spawn were fixed, thanks to Thomatoes50

    - Same goes for the forum specific addon pack that you need to update too.
    It gets some nice improvments too.
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  2. Major Update of the Addon Pack

    To celebrate the three years of the first release of this mod, here is a big update of the addon pack you'll find in the forum discussion.

    This repository car itself gets some tweaking and improvment, but as usual big things always happen in the Addon.

  3. Hotfix for V0.15 and some improvements



    V0.15 game update causes crash of the mod, this is the Hotfix with small improvements :

    - engine sounds are now vanilla cars ones.
    -More content and changes in the addon pack, as usual :)
  4. West Coast USA update

    With the release of West Coast USA in the 0.11 version of the game, i'm now proud to announce you that the Codename : Oldsfullsize has now working horns !


    Also the Addon pack in the forum is getting siren sounds, two new presets, and many bug fixes reported in the previous release.


    Engine sounds were restored to previous custom sounds instead the new ingame ones, for both codename mod and addon pack.

    Don't forget to download the two...
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  5. Hotfix

    - fixing the materials when the Codename is alone, without the addon, so it works as standalone.

    This doesn't concern the addon which will get a bugfix update later.
  6. Major Update

    V1.5 changelog :

    - powertrain
    - body detachable from frame
    - beam limiters on the front end (wip stage) to avoid stretching
    - new V8 sound from official cars
    - still better to download the huge addon pack linked in the overview for more content.

  7. HOTFIX for V0.9 of the game

    Just a little hotfix for the front fenders being dented by the improved anti-stick system of the V0.9 version of the game. Just two nodes misplaced, now at their correct places.

    A more complete update of the mod is coming soon (drivetrain, new bodies and so on)

    Don't forget to update the huge addon located in the first message of the discussion about the mod (for the newcomers : lots of variants)
  8. Small Update

    V1.1 update changelog :

    Codename : oldsfullsize update :

    - added license plate design slot that was missing in the release

    - corrected the rear seat panel under the backlight, that wasn't affected by the deformation (missing groups)

    Forum exclusive Addon update :

    same update as the codename, bonus :

    - fixed the missing belly regular seatbelt for all the drivers but especially for the crashtest...
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