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Beta Complete sound mod for all vehicles 1.2.1

New engine sounds for all official vehicles

  1. Complete sound mod update! Ibishu Hopper now added! (Fixed zip)

    Hello all!
    This update is purely to add the Ibishu Hopper, since it was just released!

    There is no other changes between this version and the last.

    Enjoy :)
  2. Complete sound mod for all vehicles update!

    Hello all!

    After a lot of helpful suggestions, I have updated this pack with fixes and some vehicle changes.

    Main complaint was to make it louder, I have done to the best of my current abilities, during the entire development, I had a different road/wind noise installed, so the sounds to me were fine.

    Here is a list of the changes made:
    • Sunburst
      • Changed sound to a Mitsubishi Evo 8
    • Pessima old
      • Increase Volume
      • Fixed loop/pop...
  3. MODERATION : zip renamed

    MODERATION : zip renamed
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