Conquer the Mountain V2

Offroad Hillclimb with "Pig" D35

  1. Sternendrache
    An offroad hillclimb with the Gavril D35 "Pig".
    You will be trying to get up a really steep hill, so maybe you need to use the manual transmission to keep the car in first gear.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Dave Yognaut
    Dave Yognaut
    Version: V2
    I enjoyed this challenge, the car was well chosen, and the challenge was exciting.

    The track was pretty intimidating at first, but as the info says, you just have to find your own path and it becomes easier. Very well spotted track by the author, I like it. If I could change something though, it was a little bit short, even if for a hillclimb. Maybe I'd add multiple checkpoints around the map to make a few hillclimbs all in one challenge. You'd probably have to travel between them but I don't think it'd be a huge issue.

    After about ten minutes the best I could do was 22.12.
  2. EliteCanuck
    Version: V2
    Was fun watching truck fall to the bottom and constantly roll. Made it in 25.783s :D
  3. Babcia
    Version: V2
    Nice short scenario, climbed in 38 secs with dashcam
  4. Javiersp98
    Version: V2
    Very fun. With first gear and a bit of clutch i get 34.68s. Look for more climbs like this to make more scenarios. Nice work.
    1. Sternendrache
      Author's Response
      Thank you :D
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