Conquistador Gorge After Dark (with unique scenarios) 8/27/2017

Let's get the party started!

  1. Afterparty Stuff

    -Fixed some broken sounds
    -Added a bunch more wayfinding stuff (signs, decals, roads)
    -Changed a few things about the lights
    -New thumbnail :D
    -FWD, AWD, and 4WD AI vehicles make it around the track in one piece 90% of the time. RWD (non-offroad) vehicles are a bit less reliable.
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  2. The Little Things

    +Added "All Aboard" scenario
    +Fixed meshroad texture error
    +carrier textures tweaked
    +Smoothed out terrain in specific sections
    +other random little things
    +added some sights and scenery for planes (balloons still don't have proper collisions)
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  3. Minor Update

    +added collisions to top deck and observatory of carrier ship.
    +tweaked sound radius of a few things
  4. Scenarios for each vehicle class & some scenery additions

    screenshot_00138.png screenshot_00139.png screenshot_00140.png screenshot_00141.png
  5. bug fixes

    I squashed a bug
    or two
    or three
    or a lot
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