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Outdated Cops and Robbers - Maple Leaf Credit Union 0.9

A multi-stage heist in ECU.

  1. Better Planning Stage, Roadblock

    Occam's Razer
    In this version, I've finally added a roadblock vehicle. It won't chase you, or even detect you, but it should add a bit more excitement to the chase. I've also slightly improved the planning phase: night won't come so quickly, cameras should be much easier to spot, and the vehicle selection message no longer repeats itself.
  2. Car Selection Feedback, Prep Stage Improvements

    Occam's Razer
    The heist's prep stage has been improved. I've added a few extra tips, hints, and a couple of lights for accessibility.

    Full list:
    • Added map to prep stage's description
    • Added a few extra waypoints to partially lead you in the right direction; you'll still have to navigate a bit
    • Added a tip to let you know that, should you wreck in the prep stage, you can recover your vehicle with [insert]
    • Added some lights to the bank, for recognizability should the player arrive there...
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