Corkscrew Raceway 1.0

Colourful Hard Difficulty Track with a 'twist'

  1. DeckedGlobe2199
    Ment to upload this a long time ago but kinda forgot to.
    I had the idea of adding a corkscrew to a track for a while but couldn't find any resources online of how to make one. After some experimentation I managed to build a rough but completely drivable version and built this track around it.
    This track also has some other more ambitious designs such as some difficult jumps and a more difficult steep drop (drops being kind of a staple of my designs)

    Note: Anything about as fast as the Powerglow Bolide or faster should make it around the track. Some slower cars might work but not all.

    screenshot_2020-04-14_15-40-28.png screenshot_2020-04-14_15-40-52.png screenshot_2020-04-14_15-41-18.png screenshot_2020-04-14_15-40-05.png

Recent Reviews

  1. mhegai
    Version: 1.0
    not 4 slow cars
    1. DeckedGlobe2199
      Author's Response
      Nope, forgot to say that in the description (oops). Anything about the speed of the Powerglow Bolide or faster should work.
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