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Covet Itasha 1.0

Featuring Nao Yokoyama from the hit mobile game "The Idolmaster"!

  1. Nagi
    yo dawgs uhhhhhhhh this be my first skin mod. highkey hard to get everything to do what i want it to do tbh. When I first made the shits, the trim didn't paint wit it so I had to throw hands with the game to get it to work.
    Started at 8pm, its finna be 6am soon.

    I'm gonna do a abo moon Sunburst next dawgs, look out for that

    Its called "Nao Yokoyama"

    I forgot to paint the bumper so It might get updated soon if i feel like it

Recent Reviews

  1. Olivah
    Version: 1.0
    How to describe this: "90's japan car culture in a nutshell"
  2. Marto
    Version: 1.0
    nice nice
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