(Covet) More Engines 1.02

The Covet with more than 10 realistic engines

    I like a lot the Ibishu Covet but I think it lacks engines, so I made a mod that has engines!

    If you find any bugs, explain it in the "Discussions" tab and do not write a bad review about it, use the review section only to explain if you like or not the mod, and not for bug reporting.

    This mod adds :

    - more than 10 engines,
    - DCT, Manual, and Automatic transmissions
    - an RWD conversion with customs flexbodies and an AWD transmission!
    - Customs clutch for

    Invented :
    - K9L 750
    - K9L 780
    - B72 86E
    - V18EC 34

    Based on trues engines:
    - K8L 601 (Renault Kangoo I 1.9D)
    - Old K8L 601 (My Grandpa's Kangoo...)
    - K9L 720 (OM 611 (MERCEDES))
    - ST4 IO4 (TU5 JP4 (PSA))

    True engines:
    - VW 1.4 R4 APQ (from Polo III '98)
    - VW 1.2 R3 EA111 (from Polo IV 1.2 65)
    - XUD9 B (PSA)
    - TUD5 (PSA)

    Now, the Specifications of the engines :

    K8L 601 :
    Diesel, SOHC, 1.9L
    118Nm @ 2020rpm
    57hp @ 3720rpm - 4460rpm

    Old K8L 601 :
    umm... really low, maybe 30hp

    K8L 601 TDi :
    Diesel, SOHC, 1.9L, Turbocharged
    165Nm @ 2700rpm - 2950rpm
    82hp @ 3600rpm - 4200rpm

    K9L 720 :
    Diesel, DOHC, 2.2L, Turbocharged
    280Nm @ 2200rpm - 2950rpm
    121hp @ 3700rpm - 4100rpm

    K9L 750 :
    Diesel, DOHC, 2.55L, Turbocharged
    370Nm @ 2450rpm - 2680rpm
    187hp @ 5200rpm

    K9L 780 :
    Diesel, DOHC, 2.8L, Turbocharged
    585Nm @ 2600rpm
    243hp @ 3200rpm - 3400rpm -- 4900rpm - 5320rpm

    ST4 IO4 :
    Gasoline, DOHC, 1.6L, Shitty economy for such a heavy car (Peugeot 307)
    Actual values of the TU5 JP4 (and the same torque curve)
    148Nm @ 4000rpm
    110hp @ 5800rpm

    B72 86E :
    Gasoline, DOHC, 2.0L, TSI Engine
    344Nm @ 3800rpm
    238hp @ 6700rpm

    R3 EA111 :
    Gasoline, SOHC, 1.4L, 3 CYLINDER
    I tried to be the most accurate with the torque curve
    110Nm @ 2900rpm
    64hp @ 5400rpm - 5500rpm

    R4 APQ :
    Gasoline, SOHC, 1.4L
    117Nm @ 2680rm - 3200rpm
    61hp @ 4400rpm - 5250rpm

    XUD9 B :
    Diesel, SOHC, 1.9L
    129Nm @ 2200rpm - 2600rpm and relatively flat curve from 1500rpm to 4000rpm
    72hp @ 4560rpm

    XUD9 B HDi :
    Diesel, SOHC, 1.9L, Turbocharged
    207Nm @ 2500rpm
    95hp @ 3950rpm - 4550rpm

    TUD5 :
    Diesel, SOHC, 1.5L, SLOW AS HELL
    94Nm @ 2300rpm
    55hp @ 5000rpm

    V18EC 34
    Gasoline, DOHC, 2.0L, VLEC
    The VLEC Technology (Variable valve Lift Electronically Controlled) is an improved version of the VTEC.
    265Nm @ 4600rpm
    183hp @ 6530rpm
    VLEC kicked in (yo) at 4600rpm

    Then, It adds 18 variants.

    Don't forget to look at the "Parts Selectors", there must be something really interesting.


    BeamNG.drive for this AWESOME game


    Put the downloaded file into your mods folder of BeamNG.drive
    Now with the new repository system, you just have to click the "Subscribe" button or download it in-game.

    screenshot_00022.png screenshot_00024.png screenshot_00025.png screenshot_00026.png

Recent Reviews

  1. nick12345
    Version: 1.02
    Custom engine sounds?
      Author's Response
      No, there are no customs sounds for now, but maybe in the future, there will be customs sounds.
  2. JanHálek
    Version: 1.02
    old diesel still dont have transmission
      Author's Response
      Which cars doesn't have transmissions?
  3. Szymon2007
    Version: 1.02
    yay vtec
  4. PriusRepellent
    Version: 1.02
    Nice mod. Maybe add new transmissions too.
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the idea! There will be a DCT transmission for diesels engines in the next update (and automatics and manuals transmission also)
  5. JanHálek
    Version: 1.01
    well only one engine works others dont have transmission and some of them works when spawn but after they just stop and on left top it says engine disabled sorry for english im from czech hope you fix it
    but overall good mod i love the old diesel :D
      Author's Response
      It's probably because the engine ran out of fuel because you broke the fuel tank. Maybe they are too fragile, I don't really know.
      The transmission problem is fixed with this new update.
  6. Cobra_Fast
    Version: 1.0
    Really nice, always good to have some variations and these have custom rev gauges. But some of the engines don't work, they just don't run. If you try to runstart them they kinda work, but can't even idle. XUD9B and TUD5 seem to be affected from what I tested. Perhaps this mod needs to be updated to the Bus update?
      Author's Response
      Thank you ! Have you tried to disable all mods? I cannot reproduce it, the engines are working great.
  7. nick12345
    Version: 1.0
    Before I download, are there any custom engine sounds?
      Author's Response
      No, there are no customs sounds for the moment but I plan to make some
  8. Keys
    Version: 1.0
    Nice! Gives the car more life.
      Author's Response
      Thank you !
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