Covet Type R (K20A2) 2.0

Gen 7 Civic Type R engine for Covet!

  1. K20A2 v2.0 is now here!

    V2.0 Features:
    - New engine 3d model (by me)
    - New rims (17x8 JR11, 3 different colors)
    - New fuel injection 3d model (by me)
    - Modifications to intake (50mm and 100mm trumpets)
    - Straight pipe exhaust (doesnt have ricer sound yet)

    K20A2 3d model with textures. N/A intake and trumpets.
    Tune your engine like you want! Maybe add straight pipe to ricier look or add 100mm trumpets for better low RPM torq! It's up to you and your needs.

    100mm trumpets give better torque at lower RPM.

    50mm trumpets give better HP at upper RPM.

    17x8 JR11 replica rims come with 3 different color options: Black, Chrome and Gold. Be careful! These rims may be too big to car this small :D

    Future updates:
    - Different sounds for different trumpets
    - Different sound for straight pipe exhaust
    - Own turbo 3D model
    - More parts!

    - Mangneetto


    1. Black.png
    2. 50mm.png
    3. 100mm.png
    4. Chrome.png
    5. Gold.png
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