Beta Crandon International 1.1.2

The off-road course at Crandon

  1. nachtstiel
    Today, I continue the off-road racing series with Crandon International!
    This is a generally high-speed course with a good combination of high speed and hairpin turns.
    This is the first map I made where I implemented varying track surface. On the inside of banked turns, there is a more slippery mud and on the outside, there is a softer mud. Feedback on the different surfaces would be very welcome as it is still experimental.

    • Custom race surface groundmodels
      • The main race surface is a middle ground between the default mud and dirt groundmodels since the course is wetted before a race, but it isn't completely saturated.
      • the inside of banked corners and landing zones are made of a more slippery, but slightly deeper mud. This simulates the pooling of water that tends to occur in these areas
      • the track edges and the outside edges of turns are made up of a looser mud. This simulates the built-up mud that is thrown to the outside.

    In progress:
    • decoration
    • fine-tuning terrain painting
      • This includes updating the textures to make them blend better
    • fine-tuning groundmodels


    1. StartLine.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. For real this time
  2. Texture issues
  3. This time, it is more betterer

Recent Reviews

  1. CodStomper06
    Version: 1.1.2
    Great track. Will it be getting AI support?
    1. nachtstiel
      Author's Response
      It already has it! I will have an update in fairly soon which will make them go the right way around and drive a bit faster
  2. Nocovabby
    Version: 1.1.1
    This is so cool, but I have No Texture issue on the track.
  3. M4x1munpwn
    Version: 1.1.1
    i love that the first time i see this in the repository, my family FRO M CRANDON is visiting. only issue, is that the road texture is missing for me.
  4. my name is bob
    my name is bob
    Version: 1.1
    this is soo cool keep up the amazing work :)
  5. my name is bob
    my name is bob
    Version: 1.0
    1. nachtstiel
      Author's Response
      That video is perfect! This will help get the area filled out immensely. I have an update on the way for the terrain resolution, so the next update will be to include these scrim scrams.
  6. Lewhik
    Version: 1.0
    Okay, this has improved and actually looks realistic.

    What's still a little bummer is that the Roads aren't really straight and you can see the weird Edges on it
    1. nachtstiel
      Author's Response
      Unfortunately, that is an artifact of the map size. I usually work with much smaller maps, so I can use a much smaller square size. I will be looking into how to fix that in a future update so I can apply it to all of my maps
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