Beta Crandon International 1.1.2

The off-road course at Crandon

  1. For real this time

    Ha ha fooled you! You thought the last update fixed all of the texture paths! It totally wasn't an oversight on my part!

    But really, thank you to those who notified me of the issue. I really need to start testing my maps when they are the only one of mine enabled.

    This update also includes tuning of the edge and corner mud groundmodels as well as the reintroduction of grass!
  2. Texture issues

    Whoopsies abound! This should fix texture issues that occurred if you did not have my lucas oil speedway map installed
  3. This time, it is more betterer

    This update overhauls the terrain completely. I managed to increase the resolution of the terrain mesh over 10x, so I was able to use an incredibly high resolution point cloud to shape it. Because of this, the quality of the terrain and the painting should be noticeably better since I had much finer control over it.

    • Terrain completely redone. (You may need to clear your cache of the crandon files)
      • Increased terrain resolution
      • fine-tuned painting
      • new...
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