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Beta Crash Junctions 0.54

Destruction-Oriented Map and Scenarios.

  1. Happy Holidays!

    Occam's Razer
    'Tis the season for updates!


    Included in this go-around are:

    • Quite a bit more map, expanding the map north and south and adding a parking complex
    • Seven new scenarios, a little harder this time, and with ample destruction in each
    • A new settable slow-motion option (instructions below) for the scenarios that use immediate slow mo
    • A few other things...

    Now, please note that this update had to be... well, updated thanks to the recently-released 0.8 version of BeamNG. As such, many of the scenarios may no longer function entirely properly or function in the same way as with before. None of them should have crippling issues, but be sure to let me know of any errors you find. Just do this via the 'discussion' tab and not the reviews.

    To use the variable slow-motion option, create a new plain text file under Documents>BeamNG.Drive and call it "ORCJ.txt"

    Only place a single number within the file; put 1 to keep the slow motion as-is, a number less than 1 to reduce the slow motion, or a number greater than 1 to increase the slow motion.


    Special thanks to @Aboroath for helping me out with some vehicle-based testing. And thanks to incompetech:

    Black Vortex Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

    Enjoy, and Happy Holidays to all you mad motorheads.

    -Occam's Razer
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