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Outdated Crash Junctions 0.54

Destruction-Oriented Map and Scenarios.

  1. Campaign and Bugfixes

    Occam's Razer
    For those that had extreme framerate shortages with the post- patch, there was an issue with precipitation. Do not re-enable the precipitation object.

    Courtesy of @Nadeox1 I've added in a campaign that he whipped up, so the scenarios can optionally be played in consecutive order. I've also fixed the immobile T-Series in Plowed Meadows. Be aware that there has been stated to be an issue with the timer in Rush Hour failing to stop at any point. Should this happen, use the discussion session to inform me of what the console says, if anything.

    Thanks to the dev team for pointing out the source of the issue, and for looking into the root cause of the problem. Perhaps someday the city will have rain once more;)
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