Experimental Crash Test Dummy for Walking Mode 1.1

You can now walk as a dummy! ...kind of.

  1. Agent_Y


    There are many people out there making mods for the walking mode (mosly for BeamMP/KissMP rather than for repo) so I decided to try that too. I took the files of my WIP crash test dummy mod, for which I used the well-known dummy 3D model and textures with permission from the original author, and attached them to the walking mode Jbeam. It wasn't as simple as it seems, many features of the mod such as size scaling or custom camera inside of the head weren't compatible with the walking mode, so I had to remove them which wasn't as easy as it may seem. I also had to reduce the weight, because while the dummy had realistic weight settings and weight distribution of an average human, after adding the weight from the walking mode you get over 2 times the human weight. It's not possible to reduce the weight of the walking mode because it's precisely tuned to work just right, and the weight of some of the dummy parts was already really low, so I couldn't reduce it too much and I could only bring it to about 74% of the average human weight so the whole thing sill weights around by 3/4 more than a human. The good news is that the weight distribution stays realistic and the movements look relatively natural... except when you are using the legs. I attached the legs to the bottom circle of the walking mode character to make them move when it walks, but it's far from perfect.

    Enough with the introduction, let's move on to the mod itself now.

    • Exit the vehicle, go to the parts menu and select the Crash Test Dummy in Visual Meshes:
    • Alternatively you can load the dummy from the Save & Load menu:
    • In the parts menu, you have some customization options. You can remove some body parts, make the dummy indestructible, or add compatibility with my other mods with the license plate slot:
    • In the Tuning tab, you can also adjust the body parts connection strength (won't affect the base walking mode Jbeam) and increase the weight (idk why you would do that but I just lef this option from my original mod, removing it would be too much effort for such a simple mod):
    And that's basically it for the usage.

    • It's the same dummy you see in all the other mods, thanks B25Mitch for permission to use its model and textures!
    • 3D model is improved, added missing wrists and fixed some issues with the original one
    • The dummy can walk... kind of! It looks really silly but works I guess:
    • It can also jump, crouch, run, etc. Like walking mode character that it is
    • It's breakable too, with enough force:
    • Realistic weight distribution (but not the weight itself lol)
    • Movement looks natural to an extent
    • You can rip off the head and other body parts (idk why people like doing this)

    • Walking doesn't look realistic, no idea how to make it look good. Same goes for jumping, sprinting, crouching, etc.
    • Rotating the camera doesn't rotate the dummy, same issue is with the in-game snowman, I can't fix it.
    • Bottom half of the dummy doesn't have collision, it uses the walking mode collision because otherwise it wouldn't walk which would defeat the purpose of this mod. Top half works fine though.
    • I had to disable self-collision of most body parts because otherwise the top and bottom half would clip with each other. This causes the arms and legs to be able to bend backwards sometimes, and the arms to clip through the legs while standing and walking.
    • I had to keep the self-collision for the whole torso to prevent its 3 parts from often clipping with each other after impact. As a result they also collide with the original walking mode Jbeam which limits the flexibility of the torso.
    • Textures are not the best, I plan on updating them later when I feel like creating the new UV maps needed for this.
    • It's heavier than the normal walking mode character so it can't jump that tall.
    • Legs can get stuck in stuff and then you won't be able to walk, I can't fix it, it's just the way it is with relatively small things in the game.
    • You can still walk perfectly fine after you lose any body part, even a head, even a leg, even both legs, even the whole body...
    • It was my first ever scratch Jbeam and it has high node density on some parts so there could be some deformation issues on high speed impacts.
    • All the walking mode bugs are still present, including the one where it walks on water and the one where it can randomly fly high into the air after a car crashes into it.

    • 3D model and textures by B25Mitch (model modified by me), used with permission, proof:
    • Jbeam of the dummy 100% scratch made by me, but attached to the unicycle Jbeam fron the vanilla game

    Have fun with this silly experimental mod!

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Recent Reviews

  1. AlexStinks!
    Version: 1.1
    I want one with stiggy. 10/10
    1. Agent_Y
      Author's Response
      Might add it when the custom copyright-friendly Stig textures are finally finished, it's been months
  2. Camera2004
    Version: 1.1
    Sometimes, the dummy spawns with messy textures
    1. Agent_Y
      Author's Response
      Forgot to rename one file to be unique, don't spawn other mods with dummies before this and should be fine
  3. noob4695
    Version: 1.1
    This mod is really good! it adds a lot of realism to the game, and it may work very well in multiplayer servers, thanks again!
  4. rapturereaperALEX
    Version: 1.1
    He walks just FINE !!!! Nothing wrong WItH DTAHT ! lol Anyone know why I can't move in walk mode anymore ? I get out and I can't walk at all, or jump.
    1. Agent_Y
      Author's Response
      The dummy adds quite a lot of weight to the walking mode character so on some uphill map sections you can't walk, I'll fix it eventually
  5. Artistterrymartin
    Version: 1.1
    I am really impressed ! I checked it out yesterday and would love to see it come along. I tried to think how to implement walking or think of a solution... I like it how it is now. Its a dummy, I would think it would walk a little funny. That is what makes it great.
  6. Alberto200908417346
    Version: 1.1
    Very cool and maybe you could do an update so the dummy can walk like a normal person :D
    1. Agent_Y
      Author's Response
      I would do it if it was possible but it's not.
  7. Amazing Kestero
    Amazing Kestero
    Version: 1.1
  8. davidinark
    Version: 1.0
    Tons of fun! But, how do you make it walk with the external camera like in the demo vid?
    1. Agent_Y
      Author's Response
      That was a bug that happened once and I decided to record it. I can't find a way to replicate it.
  9. Tntmanfr
    Version: 1.0
    its... fun
  10. WarDaddyUSA
    Version: 1.0
    Seems legit.
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