Beta CrashHard Classic 0.98.6

Loose control and fly off the road in style

  1. A floor model fix

    - Missing floor model fixed
  2. new torquecurve, separate badge models

    - Separating the badges from the car model (By NOCARGO)
    - Making a new torquecurve for the engine (By Sithhy)

  3. small update and fix

    - Added some flywheels to the transmission J-beam File (One super duper heavy duty, to stop the overheating clutches)
    - Fixed a typo in the parts menu.
  4. A small update (but lots of work)

    A small update (but lots of work)
    - Lowered the weight of the car. and removed the global weight reduction (All the wheels should be stable now)
    - Fixed some more stability problems. (rear right light exploding)
  5. Colorable suspension parts, engine block and fueltank + some fixes

    A bigger update :)
    - Made The Suspension parts, engine block and fueltank Colorable (uses the 2 other color pickers)
    - Made the standard and sport radiators less effective (should overheat if used with the dobble tuned carbutator)
    - Fixed the fuel level not changing when using the tuning menu to lower it.
    - Fixed the normal steering exploding
    - Made the turning circle a bit smaller (I hope)
    - Made the door and hood locks a bit weaker
    - Made all the variants that use my custom wheels have...
  6. Manual transmission, + Preset fix

    A small updated again:
    - Added 2 manual transmissions (Thanks to NOCARGO for helping me out with the overheating clutch)
    - Added info files to all presets (so hope the "only default show up" is fixed now)
  7. Driver Camera, License Pates + Some Fixes

    A little update, for all the kind reviews ;)
    - Added a Hood Ornament (that can fall off)
    - Added some badges to the rear and the sides
    - Added driver camera
    - Added License Plates (that can fall off)
    - Fixed the fuel tank, so when it fall off the fuel will leak out and stop the car.
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