Experimental Crazy Speedster Hirochi SBR4 1.0

A random idea I thought of and made into a reality. (My first mod btw)

  1. seemlymorty1234
    Hi! This is my first configuration mod, All I did to the SBR4 was tune it to its fullest potential! I hope you enjoy using this config and have fun! Please give feedback and more updates to come soon.

    With Nos
    -Torque 1202 [lb-ft]
    -Horsepower 1456 [bhp]

    Without Nos
    -Torque 627 [lb-ft]
    -Horsepower 927 [bhp]

    -Max Speed: 257

    -Weight: 1454 KG/3205 LB

    Some screenshots of the "Crazy Speedster"
    screenshot_2021-08-17_08-16-07.png screenshot_2021-07-23_23-42-33.png
    screenshot_2021-10-23_22-19-45.png screenshot_2021-10-23_22-20-01.png
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