CreasingCurve Performance Engines 0.60b

A (slowly expanding) small selection of performance engines for vehicles within BeamNG

  1. CreasingCurve
    CreasingCurve, a custom engine tuner hoping to make an entrance into the performance and tuning market for high performance and custom vehicles.

    This pack currently contains 14 custom engines made with the help of the Automation for maximum realism. The engines within this pack currently include

    Current Content
    - 632CI Chevrolet Crate engine based off of the specs available from their website. Available in Barstow, Burnside, GM, Moonhawk, D-Series, Roamer, Bolide and H-Series
    -Close replica of the Ferrari 458's F136F engine for the Bolide and a tuned version of the original 3.9L race engine
    - High performance radiators for Barstow, ETK I and Moonhawk
    - Close replica of the Dodge Hellcat for the Barstow with a quick shifting 8-speed gearbox
    - Close replica of BMW's N54 engine for the ETK K and 800-Series
    - Rough Replica of a High revving 2JZ for the ETK K, 800 and I-Series with high HP turbos
    - Stroked Burnside engine for drag racing that revs faster and makes more power
    - Close replica of the F20C and B18 Honda engines, a 4AGE silvertop Toyota engine available in the miramar, covet, and the early model Pessima as well as a VQ35 for the Late model Pessima
    - The pigeon also recieves a High revving 750cc, 1000cc and 1300cc engines with the 1300cc engine making upwards of 150hp

    This mod also includes several drivetrain components such as a welded diff for the Pigeon and the Semi's front and rear diffs.

    Some more detail about some engines
    - A B18 with VTEC for the Ibishu Covet that produces an astonishing amount of power for a naturally aspirated 1.8L I4 engine. Also a Stock covet engine with VTEC equipped.
    - A Stage 5 Supercharger option for the Bruckell Moonhawk with both a custom radiator and gearbox to cope with the higher top speed of around 240MPH
    - A tuned version of the 3.9L Race engine found in the Civetta Bolide to make this car more competitive in drag races and in circuit racing
    bolideTuned3.9Ltorque curve.png
    - A low compression version based on the parts utilised by a 2JZ that has around 350hp with no turbo and 2004hp with the turbo. This engine thrives on boost and being what i think of as a drag racing engine, it does start to get on boost anything below 300rpm so expects extreme turbo lag if it isn't spooled
    2jz torque curve.png
    - Lastly is a Stroked and Bored out 343CI V8 for the burnside to give it a bit of extra Oomph (its quite a bit of Oomph actually) and turn it into the historic drag car or competitive circuit racer you have always wanted

    Just like any other mod, drop into the BeamNG mods folder in the your documents tab.

    Head over to the discussion thread here
    to discuss ideas, possible improvements and bugs or problems about the mod.

    Hope to hear your constructive criticism and ideas for the future of this mod. Please don't rate harshly in the reviews and please try to leave a comment or idea about what else to add or change within this mod.

    Have fun and enjoy the Mod

    A huge thank you to Synsol for the help and feedback to release this mod.
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Recent Updates

  1. Covet bug fix
  2. File cleanup and bug fix
  3. Fully revived, its about time.

Recent Reviews

  1. Leon_Rot
    Version: 0.60b
    Awesome Mod, i love it, but where is the 2JZ for the ETK, i cant find it :D
  2. Matt Cook
    Matt Cook
    Version: 0.60b
    It's great.
  3. EvanHellaFlush
    Version: 0.60b
    This Is an awesome mod, but it could really use an update to add engine noises, nitrous, and backfiring
    1. CreasingCurve
      Author's Response
      I've moved on from this game, I now have a full time apprenticeship and the free time I do get is very limited and would much rather spend it on hobbies and activities which I still enjoy
  4. phonedcoder80
    Version: 0.60b
    i love that mod but if you can put the 2jz in the barstow like fast furious 3 it will be fun
  5. GoldChicken
    Version: 0.60b
    what the fuck, the b18 doesn't rev 10k rpm stock
    1. CreasingCurve
      Author's Response
      Who said it was stock, it makes 253hp which is above the power of an Integra's B18 which makes 199hp. Some engines are meant to be factory replicas, this one is a slightly upgraded engine, pretend it has forgies and an aggressive VTEC cam.
  6. BugHelppperrrr
    Version: 0.60b
    Well sadly the devs aready made the idea of the burnside drag
  7. Manche
    Version: 0.60b
    If only some of those cars had a suspension to match the gain of power
  8. Arthur Viana Grassi
    Arthur Viana Grassi
    Version: 0.60b
    This mod is Awesome! The 2jz in the K-Series is the fastest car in the game!
  9. cyberrednec
    Version: 0.60b
    So, I would've rated it 5 but I tried dropping in the 1300cc engine in the pigeon and the engine just wouldn't run staying at 0 please fix.
    1. CreasingCurve
      Author's Response
      You need to select the gasoline fuel tank for it to actually start. In future, reply in the discussion thread seeing as this is a problem on your side and not with the mod or its content.
  10. cheapasian
    Version: 0.60b
    love the 2JZ wish it was available in all the cars
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