Beta Crew Cab For D-series Rollback 1.6

just a bigger rollback truck

  1. Loofies Parts pack

    Fix H-Series
  2. Loofies Parts pack

    Added more parts for H-series
    I present to you the pigeon carrier
  3. Loofies Parts pack

    I added new parts for the H-series screenshot_2021-02-26_19-21-22.png
  4. Loofies D-series pack

    Crew Cab configs interference actually fixed this time
    Also I'm still working on the driveshafts and working on making the tow hitch compatible with the short frames
  5. Loofies D-series pack

    Added New parts
    Tiny heavy and standard frame
    Fixed disappearing cab when crew cab roll back spawned.
    Im still working on the driveshaft for these so that will come later.
    Hope You Enjoy!
    Also sorry for changing the file name i will be sticking to this file name from now on
    d45_diesel_rollback_M_Crew_Cab.jpg shorterPig.jpg
  6. moderation: fix

    Fixed mod zip
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