Beta Croatian buses Vol. 1 1.20

Local bus skins in Croatia and Bosnia for the Wentward

  1. The Big One

    Added 6 new skins, and tweaked some of the old ones. New ones: Autoturist, Darojkovic, Liburnija Zadar, Samoborcek and AutoTransport Sibenik. Also made Promet Split into a new and an old version.

    Added new engines, transmissions, airbags, brakes and much more.

    Tried adding new glass types, but can't get them to work

    P.S. I'm sorry for the inconsistency with thumbnails, but my thumbnail generator isn't really working at the moment...

    Autoturist.png darojkovic.png ...
  2. Improvements and new skins

    - Further improved the ZET skin:
    - Added 2 new skins:
    • Old Zet
    • Autotrolej (old version)
  3. Smaller update, mainly fixes

    • Added dirty liveries for all the skins (@Agent_Y )
    • Tweaked the ZET skin a bit, added a new ad design (for ZET)
    screenshot_2021-05-06_18-47-26.png screenshot_2021-05-06_18-48-13.png screenshot_2021-05-06_18-44-56.png screenshot_2021-05-06_18-46-50.png
    • Retextured the bad wheels
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