CTP_Demon 1.0

The demon engine use in a race car.

Recent Reviews

  1. cob4lt974
    Version: 1.0
    fixes the problems as much as posible before you upload dude.
    your top speed overdrive was too long resulting sluggish acceleration, you wont get the top speed, try to match the car's max topspeed or even lower as race cars will encounter turns, its wont accelerate forever and it wont always reach its TP, my recomendation is around 40-80kmh range lower than max top speed will make perfect acclereration, because you benefits noting from stupidly long overdrive.
    also the brake was similar case, you benefits nothing from a brake thats stronger that the grip, its just confuses the ABS and its adds weight, the braking performance would be badder as abs stops the brake form locking the tyre, resulting faltering brake.
    there is more another problems, try to troubleshoot it.
    for the design.
    fix the light position, its looks weird, and if this car was a 2010s car that light model was really outdated, try to flow with the body curves and knowing what decade your car ins.
    refrence real life car designs, and put more efforts and time on the development.also try something that you never done before.
    if you do what i said, you will enjoy the result in the end of the day.
    trust me ;D
    1. Zdex007
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, first, I’m more a « do what I want guy with the fixture ». Second, I forgot to change the rims. Third, I’m gonna fix the car.
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