Beta Custom Hill Climb Prototype 1.0

No rules hill climb car with a turbocharged v8

  1. SubieDoobieTwo
    This vehicle is the first of several variations of a no rules hill climber. The gearing and short wheelbase are designed to work together to help with tight hairpins. A turbocharged V8 powers all four wheels and can light them all up for days. It has a seven speed sequential transmission and some aero bits to help keep it glued to the road. Stay tuned for a link with a video of my jelly arms driving this thing up a hill as fast as I can!


    1. HillclimbPrototypephoto1.png
    2. Hillclimbprototypephoto2.png
    3. Hillclimbprototypephoto3.png
    4. Hillclimbprototypephoto4.png
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