Customizable Engines and Drivetrains 1.4.1

Customizable engines and transmissions that can be personalized with tuning window

  1. Sounds are here and bugs are muted

    Changes in 1.4.1
    - Added new engine sounds from BeamNG 0.10
    - Some typofixes and bugfixes
  2. Typo fix

    @meywue: tiny typo fix from my side in the info_wce_legran_dct.json file.
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  3. IT'S ALIVE!

    Changes in 1.4
    - Finally updated to work with new .jbeam layout
    - Made small changes to the way the files work to make it a bit easier to use
    - Added DCT's to all vehicles. Yes, that includes the T-series, because why not?
    - Changed "The Dirty Diesel", "Bolide Diesel" and "Insanity Mixer" to be more "realistic". The Performance tab however does not show accurate performance and i cant make new ones as the tool doesn't...
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  4. Configs are back

    Changes in 1.3 Part 2:
    - Added Configs again, thease "Customizable configs" come with all customizable parts equipped making it easier for you to just spawn one in and tune it to your liking.
    - Added four special configurations that show off what the mod can do.
    - Fixed some bugs and some spelling errors.
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  5. Seems Like working 10 hours in a row isnt good for you...

    Changes in
    - Fixed maximum clutch torque for the cars thet were missing it
    - Fixed so that Pessima (old) now actually spawns

    Working 10 hours in a row means you will miss such things, terribly sorry about that.
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  6. Power to the people!

    Changes in 1.3 Part 1:
    It's back! And now more crazy than ever:

    - Added more aspiration options:
    1. It is possiible to twincharge, a.k.a installing a turbocharger and a supercharger.
    2. Cars can therefore make a ridiculous amount of power; more than the game is made to handle. So be careful, you don't need 5000hp+, but I ain't gonna stop you. ;)

    - Added ability to change the weight of the engine.
    - Added ability to tune...
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  7. Torque curve app readded and refinements

    Changes in 1.2
    Added the Torquecurve app again, it was removed in 0.5.6.It's working, but is quite glitchy. But since it's basically needed for this mod I added it again, untill it gets revamped. If the curve doesn't show up in the app, just reset the car.
    changed so that the Customizable engines now can have any transmission (keep in mind that normal transmissions often have fixed clutch torque, if the engine instantly goes to redline, consider...
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  8. Updated Configs

    Changes in 1.1.1
    @Djplopper once again helped me look more professional by fixing better configurations for me.
    Added another 1 at the end of the version number.
  9. Added automatic transmissons and configurations

    Changes in V1.1
    Added customizable automatic transmissions for all cars
    Added custom configs that have all customizable parts preinstalled, for the less experienced users ( @Djplopper you feel like helping me make them better for next update?)
    Fixed even more bugs, seems like whenever I leave home new bugs appear out of nowhere.
  10. Customizable differentials, Fixes and Refinements

    Changes in 1.0
    Added Customizable differentials to the cars that needed it. Covet and New pessima differentials is not included, because they are allready in my good friend @Djplopper 's Configurations modpack.
    Changes to the turbos, they are now able to run more boost and act more like modern turbos, full boost kicks in harder and at rpm variable 2 instead of rpm varible 3 (earlier max boost)
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