Customizable Large Rollers

Make your very own <Insert Vehicle Here>-cake!

  1. KJP12
    Gotten tired of rollers that just flatten cars til they are a meter tall? Are the roller heights too tall for your cars? Want your car to be flatten instantly? Need to flatten the Balaz for any reason?
    If you said yes to any of those questions, then this is for you:

    The Customizable Large Rollers
    (They are a little bit WIP. For the most part, they work just fine.)

    At first glance, you would think that the rollers now have height adjustment. But look in the tuning tab. You can change both the engines, set the height of the rollers, weight of the bottom-most nodes in the support, and the beams damping and springs!

    At the moment, there are 9 presets.

    5 of which are the Mega Rollers.

    Marked by having a Balaz in their pic and having '(M)' in their name, they are 5 times bigger than the Large Rollers. There is the Roller, Flattener, Smasher, Large Vehicle Roller and the Snapper.

    Then there is the Short-length Rollers.

    Marked by having '(S)' in their name, they are effectively the same as the normal rollers, except they can be customized! There is the Roller, Flatterer, Large Vehicle Roller, and the Destroyer.

    There are 5 new key binding!
    • T - Toggle Top Direction
    • G - Toggle Bottom Direction
    • F - Toggle Alternate Mode
    • Page UP - Ramp Height Increase
    • Page DOWN - Ramp Height Decrease
    Neilogical's Videos:

    SpeirsTheAmazingHD's Video:

    Random Stuffs a.k.a @Squatch32560's Video:

    Vyper's Video:

    Olli43's Video:

    Specs will come later.
    Same as the normal Large roller in the terms of everything, except the ramp. Ramp has height adjustment.
    With high torque, RPM and lowered roller height, you can flatten a BTR-80 into a APC-Cake!
    Increased height of the top roller, and you get a roller that can flatten a monster truck! Not by much but it will crush it a bit. Most vehicles go through this with ease, as they are not tall enough.
    What could go wrong with more torque and higher RPM? You get something that can shoot vehicles miles away!
    What so different between a mega roller and a normal roller? This one is 5 times bigger, comes with more torque, and higher RPMs!
    High torque makes flattening the Belaz easy. Also, can violently throw stuff miles away!
    "How do you get your car smashed with this?"
    Go underneath it and turn it on! Goes ahead and smashes down on your car, possibly separating it!
    Basically the gigantic version of the Short-length Large Vehicle Roller. Most cars will just go through this with a minor (or big in rare cases) speed boosts.
    "Now this just looks like non-sense. How does this work?"
    Turn it on and keep it below 10%. Then put your vehicle in it! With all the torque in it, it violently snaps down to destroy any vehicle on top of it.

    Have fun with your new vehicle destroyer!

    How to install:

    If there is a bug or major issue with this mod, instead of leaving a 1 star review, put it in the discussion tab!

    Hope you enjoy the destruction you may cause with this! ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. Glitchy
    10/10 would roll again
  2. Cheekqo
    Nothing to hate.
  3. Kokii
    when spawn it says fatal error :/
    1. KJP12
      Author's Response
      Odd. Give me the console output in discussion.
  4. daman690
    Cool stuff man! fun mod!
  5. Mr.Bot
    Its really cool but when I try to spawn it in, it doesn't spawn! And I already downloaded the zip
    1. KJP12
      Author's Response
      If you are trying to load Mega Roller (M) config, and only that config is broken, you are most likely on version Redownload it again.
  6. CharredWing
    I like it like this!
  7. TheDragonGamer
    Good idea, just cars come out a mess insted of being flat :/
    1. KJP12
      Author's Response
      Tends to happen on high RPMs. Try a lower RPM ratio.
  8. Spencer Johnson
    Spencer Johnson
    You should make a "mega" version of the customizable spinner! If you can
    1. KJP12
      Author's Response
      I was thinking that for a while too.

      I should get to it.
  9. Squatch32560
    1. KJP12
      Author's Response

      Also, I'll add the video to the videos spoiler.
  10. Cadillac1227
    Version: 0.9.1
    cool! I love crashing! thx for this neat mod!
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