Beta D-15 Rear Steer Crawler Axle 0.2.6

Rear steer axle for off-road chassis d-15.

  1. Bug Fix Take 2, again sorry

    This is the fix I meant to upload last time. While trying to fix the brakes I had messed up the rear wheel. I triple-checked to make sure this is the right file this time. So sorry guys. I hope you guys enjoy the mod and updates.
  2. Bug fix, sorry about that!

    While trying to fix the brakes, I unintentionally broke one of the rear wheels, just fixed it. Hope you guys enjoy it! And I just reuploaded my other file, I guess my backup solution is getting the better of me, sorry guys. I'm uploading the new one now.
  3. Fixed brake issue, and cv joints are in

    I fixed the brake issue. Finnaly! I also found a way to add in the CV Joints for the axles to look more realistic. For those, just pick whatever frame you are using. I hope to have taken out or renamed what I needed to get the files from being replaced. Have a good one!
    0_2_5preview1.jpg 0_2_5preview2.jpg 0_2_5preview3.jpg
  4. Bug Fix and CV Joints

    Fixed the bug Opteryx found with the brakes. Also, I figured a way to put in the CV Joints!
    0_2_5preview1.jpg 0_2_5preview2.jpg 0_2_5preview3.jpg
  5. Minor bug fix.

    Just a minor bug fix with the mode steering as well as now the right brakes and steering with modes "should" be installed right off the bat.
  6. Texture Fix

    I finally figured out how to get the textures back on the axle, and here is the final product.

    Preview2v03.png Previewv03.png
  7. jbeam bug fix!

    As far as I can test, the bug with using the axle without a sway bar or limit straps has been fixed. If you have any more issues, just let me know. The u joints are still out for now, as I'm unsure if I can make them work right.


  8. File Shrink

    Took out all unnecessary files. Also changed the zip name for better understanding of what the mod is.
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