D-Series America Skin 1.17

An American flag skin for the Gavril D-Series

  1. oioioioo
    I am pleased to present my first actual mod upload;
    A colorable American flag skin for the D-Series, and an included config.

    The skin itself is inspired by Gavril T85 and his "American Paintjobs" mod.

    The included config is a "vanillafied" version of a creation of mine, which I've been
    using and improving upon for a LONG time. Referred to as "AMARIKUH!!! TRUCK YEAH!!!"
    doubtless, you get the reference...
    (Pretty decent off-roader/crawler if I do say so myself [Deflate the tires if you have traction issues].
    I recommend "Offroad Tire" by ItsYourBoi, and AR162B's "Oldstyle pickup expansion," once he fixes the engine mounts and some other issues. lol)
    The skin is fully colorable (primary, secondary and tertiary), as demonstrated
    by the following image:

    As perfect as this skin may appear, lol it does have some issues...

    Such as:

    The skin looks janky in some configurations, as the pickup UV itself has
    some inconsistencies in how it's applied to each model
    (A straight, center-line all the way down the UV will not be straight OR centered all the way down the pickup),
    and some places where the UV stretches to fit the model. Example:

    Another issue: Short bodies...
    Where the roof meets the pillar there's an extra red stripe, and the lower-
    half of the star is missing. The rockers have a similar issue, but you can't
    see them in this image, as they're below the door
    (you can kinda see what I mean on the image of the included config, the
    way the stripe goes under the door instead of ending at the back of the "cab")

    I literally can't fix this. There are some tricks to make it look better, but
    if I used any of these the skin wouldn't fit the normal pickup anymore
    and I'd have to make a different skin for each body variant.
    (one for the trophy truck fenders, one for the short bodies, etc.)
    Because of this, the skin is made to fit the short-cab, short-bed the best.
    All other configs are iffy.

    This skin also has the vanilla "old paint" overlay. If you don't like that,
    you can remove it by going into the "materials.json" and
    COMPLETELY erasing these two lines ONLY:
    Sorry if it's hard to see, idk how to take a more zoomed-in screenshot...

    There are also some wacky fitment issues with different fascia/bumper
    combinations, but there are too many of those for me to take screenshots
    of them all... Again, I can't really fix this.

    The mod ought to just drop in to your mods folder and work. If it doesn't,
    or if you run into to any other issues, please PM me and I'll try to get them
    sorted out. (No promises tho, lol)

    Enjoy. And remember the Alamo!

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  1. Hopefully last update for a while
  2. don't do drugs, kids
  3. whoopsie

Recent Reviews

  1. King_Rediusz_1986
    Version: 1.17
    Jimmy, get the truck! It's those gosh darn door-to-door salesmen! Step on it, Jimmy! Before they realize we've left!

    In all seriousness, is it possible to add the cape from the hero bus to this?
  2. TopKick
    Version: 1.0
    Hey you stole the name of my mod!

    Jk it's outdated and I doubt I'll update it. Nice skin very 'murica!
    1. oioioioo
      Author's Response
      lol, thanks!
  3. WarDaddyUSA
    Version: 1.0
  4. OldCarsRule57
    Version: 1.0
  5. DARIOcaptain
    Version: 1.0
    This can't be more murican'
    1. oioioioo
      Author's Response
      oh yes it can... :)
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