D-Series Crawler (Toyota Hilux) 1.0

A modified D-Series pickup crawler

  1. JKNoskcaj
    A modified D-Series pickup crawler

    Lock the diffs, low-range, first gear, full accelerator and let it do its thing :D


    · 6.0L diesel V8 engine

    · Diesel 5-speed transmission

    · Ultra-low range 4WD crawler transfer case

    · Heavy-duty short frame

    · Front and rear locking differentials

    · 17x9 wheels with 37x12 off-road crawler tires

    · Inner roll cage + outer double roll bars

    · Limited parts to reduce weight

    Feel free to change the tires + tire pressure to suit your liking! I find the 37-inchers at about 5 psi look great and are perfect for rock crawling. Adjust accordingly.

    IMPORTANT: Mod 'Custom Off-Road Tires' is required for this vehicle to work correctly:

    This is my first mod, and I will be grateful for any feedback and advice given.

    For any issues or enquiries, please contact me at jknoskcaj@gmail.com

    screenshot_2020-04-22_22-14-58.png screenshot_2020-04-22_22-22-12.png screenshot_2020-04-22_22-34-35.png screenshot_2020-04-23_11-41-36.png screenshot_2020-04-23_11-45-08.png screenshot_2020-04-23_11-47-19.png

    Have fun!

Recent Reviews

  1. Kenichi Koay
    Kenichi Koay
    Version: 1.0
    off roading is fun
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