Alpha D-Series Deployable Pontoons Alpha 0.65

Deployable Pontoons, with thrusters, for the D-Series.

  1. Kirahl
    Notice: The keybindings may get removed if you have another mod with similar bindings for the D-Series. To fix this simply go into the control settings menu and manually add the bindings.

    This mod adds deployable pontoons with (hopefully temporary) thrusters , so you can travel land and water with ease.

    screenshot_00028.png screenshot_00029.png



    Planned features:
    • Better deformation.
    • Propellers on each pontoon in place of thrusters.
    • Possibly redesigned bumpers (the current ones were quickly thrown together to support the pontoons).
    • Better textures (this one could take a while, texturing confuses me to no end).
    • Port to other vehicles. Unknown how many, but Roamer is definite and Hopper is good candidate. Others will be tested but no promises.
    Known issues:
    • Weird deformation (twisting and inverting in the pontoons).
    • Some model issues.
    If you go into the water too steep the truck will go under temporarily and possibly get hydro-locked. This isn't an issue, just a result of the design that I don't think can be fixed without something strange being stuck to the front.

    Default bindings (if needed):
    Toggle Pontoons: "U"
    Thrust Forward:"T"
    Thrust Backwards:"G"
    Thrust Left:"F"
    Thrust Right:"H"

    Please be aware, this is the first mod I've made in years, and even then the mods I've made in the past barely worked. It has issues, but I think I did well for first near complete mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Alpha 0.65
  2. Updated Keybindings

Recent Reviews

  1. David Soler
    David Soler
    Version: Alpha 0.65
    mod x90000000
  2. MultiGamerClub
    Version: Alpha 0.65
    Its okay, it float in water. No sound tho.
  3. crazikyle
    Version: Alpha 0.65
    Simple, fun mod that does what it says. 5/5
    I like the model, it's style fits well in game and is well made.
    Jbeam is fine and functional, no issues with it at all.
  4. HR28QT
    Version: Alpha 0.65
    I love using this mod, it's very fun in some of the various "flood" maps you can find. Give me an opportunity to actually follow the roads leading down into the floodwaters without stalling immediately. 10/10 would pontoon again.
  5. JetPoweredMacintoshâ„¢
    Version: Alpha 0.65
    Make it for the barstow, i want to run into the water at 180 MPH XD
  6. Pavehog
    Version: Alpha 0.65
    An amazing mod! Can you make it for the Pigeon or the Roamer?
  7. RetroStevie
    Version: Alpha 0.65
    This is truly off road :) Its amazing!
  8. johnny_salmon
    Version: Alpha 0.65
    something new!
  9. Lord Ghirahim
    Lord Ghirahim
    Version: Alpha 0.65
    Awesome mod, lots of fun.
  10. gigawert
    Version: Alpha 0.65
    I love it but unfortunately it does not work in rivers like the one in ECUSA.
    1. Kirahl
      Author's Response
      Not an issue I can fix, that's a problem with the map. Nothing floats in the ECUSA rivers.
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