D-Troxx Wheel Pack 3.0.0

More wheels!

  1. Work Equip 03 and SSR MKI

    This update adds the following:
    Work Equip 03's in the colors gold and black
    SSR MKI's
    Yokohama Advan A3E in the colors: Black with red stripes, Chrome with red or black stripes.
    The tires can now be selected separately.
    The following tires have been added: Standard, Sport, Race, Drift, Stretched and Rally.
    The wheels are now under Wheels => By D-Troxx =>
    This separates them from the original BeamNG wheels and are easier to find.

    known bugs:
    if the tires of the rear wheels is set to empty and the front wheels have tires on the JBeam structure will also appear on the rear wheels. At the moment i have no idea how to fix this issue.

    enjoy ;)

    75080-f2e65a925824af5d3ae0113d7877777a.png 74860-8eaef8d520938dab454e4e265d8e3c70.png 74859-ab251db4edcb8574675345f885ea6901.png
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