D-up 029

Pickup Truck Parts (and Roamer and Hopper)

  1. torsion
    Known Issues:
    Props always stay in their original position. This affects items such as the needles for gauges, foot pedals, and stock steering wheels. This is mostly a game limitation - props which do not use baseTranslation do not respond to nodeOffset. Aftermarket steering wheels should appear in the correct place and function properly.

    D-up's outdated hubs with spacers have been removed. Spaced Out: Wheel Spacers replaces this functionality. This spacer system allows you to install the spacers of your choice along with any rims and tires.

    Parts to fit the Pickup, Roamer, and Hopper

    Pickup standard body and chassis:
    • shortened heavy duty chassis (removes 0.375m of useless frame rail from the back for offroading)
    • narrow rear offroad bumper (52cm narrower - exposes both rear tires and protects spring mounts)
    Pickup lifted body and chassis:
    • heavy duty frame with 5in body lift
    • shortened heavy duty frame with 5in body lift
    • extended heavy duty frame with 5in body lift
    • crew heavy duty frame with 5in body lift
    • optional vanity / gap hiders for body lift
    • optional bumper lift brackets for body lift
    Hopper lifted body and chassis:
    • frame with 1.25in body lift
    Pickup/Roamer/Hopper Rims:
    • 42in and 38in "Crawler" tires (the clean ones) for all 15x8, 16x8, 17x9, and 19x10 rims
    • 36in "Crawler" tires (the dusty ones) for all 15x8, 16x8, 17x9, and 19x10 rims
    • 33/35in All-Terrain tires for all 15x8, 16x8, 17x9, and 19x10 rims
    • 265/55R19 onroad tires for all 19x10 rims
    • 31in All-Terrain tires for all 16x8 rims
    • 29x10.5 All-Terrain tires for all 15x9 rims
    • 27x10 Mud Terrain tires for all 15x8 rims
    • 33/35in All-Terrain tires for spacer-equipped 17x9 rims Replaced by Spaced Out: Wheel Spacers.
    • on-road tires for spacer-equipped 17x9 rims Replaced by Spaced Out: Wheel Spacers.

    Removed for now:
    Pickup/Roamer Suspension:
    • Drop Coilovers (Front) - adjustable coilovers which fit to the "Offroad Independent Front Suspension"
    • Drop Leaf Springs (Rear) - adjustable leaf springs which fit the rear
    • Home Grown Offroader
    • 'Stubby'
    • Dropped Custom
    • Financial Discussion
    Pickup/Roamer standard body and chassis:
    • ability to mount the alt fuel tank to the back of the normal or extended cab (allows removing the standard fuel tank from under the chassis)

    15 & 16in rim suggestions:
    Here are some 5-lug R15 rims which look at home on a pickup truck and work with the tires added by D-up:
    15x8 Modern Steel Wheels
    Alder Rush 15x8
    Alder Powr-Push 15x8
    Alder Dragger 15x8
    Alder Magnum 15x8
    Alder Sporter 15x8
    STX 15x8

    Here are some 5-lug R16 rims which look at home on a pickup truck and work with the tires added by D-up (of course you can also use the 6-lug 16x8 rims):
    ETK Aero-5
    Folk ET73
    Folk ZT55
    Okudai KRW

    You should be able to figure out R17 and R19 rims on your own - it's not a long list. Both sizes should be available with and without the spacers. Replaced by Spaced Out: Wheel Spacers.

    *Other rims such as Alder Basketweave, Alder Royale, Okudai PRO1, should work but may not always look atractive on a truck. Dreid RallyPro is unstable (glitchy) in the 15x8 version but not in the 16x8 version.

    BeamNG team - many, many stock assets (tires, rims, etc)
    Torsion - refit work and new assets (brackets, body lift parts, etc)

    screenshot_00037_crop.jpg screenshot_00129.jpg screenshot_00122.jpg
    screenshot_00040.png screenshot_00036.png screenshot_00034.png
    screenshot_00049.png screenshot_00123.jpg screenshot_00041.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. EzSnipes LT
    EzSnipes LT
    Version: 029
    it crashes my game
  2. bianco420
    Version: 029
    if I make a truck body lifted i cant use rear drive shaft how can I fix this?
  3. aidanwong1026
    Version: 029
    this is a super good mod but it is missing something. the thing is missing is a crew cab 5in lift frame's rear drive shaft please fix that pleaseeee☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
  4. Tux
    Version: 029
    amazing mod
  5. Elijah Tetreault
    Elijah Tetreault
    Version: 029
    Awesome mod. Just wandering when the driveshaft will be fixed and if the dirty paint design will come back
  6. Truck-truckin-truck
    Version: 029
    Absolutely love this mod, best lifted mod out there. Unfortunately in the last update to game it's self, for what ever reason the games devs decided it was necessary to make the driveshaft a part of the frame rather then keeping them the way they were before, a part of the Dif.. So now this mod is useless until the devs either fix this unrealistic option, or this mod gets updated to work with the blunder the games devs created..

    Do note, the mod it's self is not broken in any way shape or form, nothing explodes, the game doesn't instantly pause cause of mod incompatibility or anything like that. The Game Devs just changed where the driveshaft is located aka the Frame which makes absolutely no sense at all.
  7. Jared Gavin Besanceney
    Jared Gavin Besanceney
    Version: 029
    I have had no problems with the mod. If you like trucks, you need this mod!
  8. NeoSlx
    Version: 029
    configs arent there. I reinstalled and stuff, but the configs were still gone after I updated
  9. 711GAMING
    Version: 023
    Can you plz bring this back!
    1. torsion
      Author's Response
      I did! Here's the new version. :-)
  10. Serialjwalker00
    Version: 023
    One of the very most essential vehicle mods on beamng.
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