D-up 029

Pickup Truck Parts (and Roamer and Hopper)

  1. Initial v0.18 support + new content

    The D-series refresh in BeamNG.drive v0.18 broke this mod to the point where it was almost cute. :oops: Trying to spawn one of the configs from D-up 23 in BeamNG v0.18 would result in a truck that literally fell apart! This update repairs most of the key parts, removes ones that haven't been fixed, and adds some of v0.18's new tire options to additional rims.


    • Added back a missing 19x10 front wheel (oops!). Now there are 8 actual wheel parts added - 7 front and 1 rear.
    • Refreshed all 8 wheels to v0.18.4 jbeams.
    • Added 42in and 38in "Crawler" tires (the clean ones) for all 15x8, 16x8, 17x9, and 19x10 rims.
    • Added 36in "Crawler" tires (the dusty ones) for all 15x8, 16x8, 17x9, and 19x10 rims.
    • Added 27x10 Mud Terrain tires for all 15x8 rims.
    • Added 29x10.5 All-Terrain tires for all 15x9 rims.
    • Refreshed all 107 tires to v0.18.4 jbeams.
    • Replaced outdated "pickup_framefront" and "pickup_framebed" node groups with "pickup_frame" group for all body lift part flexbodies.
    • Refreshed Standard, Extended, and Crew frames to v0.18.4 jbeams.
    • Refreshed "Offroad Bumper - Narrow" to v0.18.4 jbeam.
    • Refreshed bobbed frames to v0.18.4 jbeam.
    • Renamed bobbed frames from "Shortened" to "Bobbed" to avoid confusion with "Short" frame.
    • Replaced many instances of nodeOffset with nodeMove. Since I'm not using the x-axis, this makes very little difference except that it fixes the roofrack lights. I didn't look into why it fixes those.

    Removed for now:
    • Configs (all outdated).
    • Cab-mounted fuel tanks are broken and probably need a full re-tooling. I may look into improving these in the future.
    • All Roamer stuff.
    • All lowered suspension components.
    • Rollpan. I don't necessarily plan to bring this back now that there is an official rollpan.
    No Change:

    Feedback is appreciated in the forum thread: https://beamng.com/threads/d-up.31344/
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