D-up 029

Pickup Truck Parts (and Roamer and Hopper)

  1. Tire Refresh, more options, fixes

    Finally! Fixed those lame easily-popped tires.
    • Added several tire options. The number of tire parts added by D-up is now 57 (up from 51). Raw/total number of parts added by D-up is now 148, but of course all of these numbers include many nearly identical parts which exist in order to make various combinations possible.
    • Refreshed all tires to v0.9.0.4 based jbeams. This is really the most important part of the update. The tires in D-up were based on very old jbeams: older than BeamNG v0.7!
    • Known Issue: All 265/55R19 tires are subject to rim/tire mesh clipping.
    • Known Issue: Some older configs which used 19x10 rims may now appear without tires due to a tire naming scheme change. Simply equip some tires and roll out. :)
    • Corrected part naming issue w/ offset 5-lug hubs for the Hopper. Hopefully this never affected gameplay. I did not receive any bug reports.
    • Corrected one or two tire naming typos. It's quite possible that I created as many typos as I fixed though. A lot of stuff got touched during the refresh. :-|
    • Changed tire naming scheme to be very consistent. Since all tire jbeams are now based on an official tire jbeam the naming scheme is now torsion_official-tire-name_target-slot.
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