D-up 029

Pickup Truck Parts (and Roamer and Hopper)

  1. Spaced Out: Wheel Spacers compatibility + fixes & tweaks

    I'm releasing this update simultaneously with Spaced Out: Wheel Spacers, which will replace the "offset hubs" previously included in D-up. The old offset system was very limited compared to the MUCH more robust system in the new wheel spacer mod. The old D-up "w/ 40mm spacer" hubs were a hacky way of getting 17in and 19in 5-lug wheels out to the same width as the official 6-lug wheels. Unfortunately I never added any wheels for that hub other than a handful of 17's and 19's: everything else was left out because the process was so labor intensive. For example, running 35's on 15in rims is possible and cool looking with older versions of D-up but you'd be stuck with the wheels in the default, narrow, position. The new wheel spacers mod resolves that problem, not just for the Pickup, Roamer, and Hopper but for all vehicles. Grab it from the link above.

    • Refreshed all wheels [rims] to v0.9.0.5 (some of these were very old)
    • Refreshed all configs to use official hubs (for now this makes some configs pretty narrow, sorry! You can install spacers yourself for now.)
    • Removed all additional hubs (eg "5-lug w/ 40mm spacers")
    • Removed all wheels dedicated to the additional hubs
    • Added a [T] suffix to all new wheel/tire options provided by D-up
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