D-up 029

Pickup Truck Parts (and Roamer and Hopper)

  1. Initial v0.18 support + new content

    The D-series refresh in BeamNG.drive v0.18 broke this mod to the point where it was almost cute. :oops: Trying to spawn one of the configs from D-up 23 in BeamNG v0.18 would result in a truck that literally fell apart! This update repairs most of the key parts, removes ones that haven't been fixed, and adds some of v0.18's new tire options to additional rims.


    • Added back a missing 19x10...
  2. Spaced Out: Wheel Spacers compatibility + fixes & tweaks

    I'm releasing this update simultaneously with Spaced Out: Wheel Spacers, which will replace the "offset hubs" previously included in D-up. The old offset system was very limited compared to the MUCH more robust system in the new wheel spacer mod. The old D-up "w/ 40mm spacer" hubs were a hacky way of getting 17in and 19in 5-lug wheels out to the same width as the official 6-lug wheels. Unfortunately I never...
  3. Tire Refresh, more options, fixes

    Finally! Fixed those lame easily-popped tires.
    • Added several tire options. The number of tire parts added by D-up is now 57 (up from 51). Raw/total number of parts added by D-up is now 148, but of course all of these numbers include many nearly identical parts which exist in order to make various combinations possible.
    • Refreshed all tires to v0.9.0.4 based jbeams. This is really the most...
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  4. Hopper parts / D-series Crew Cab / fixes and refreshes

    If you've been waiting to bolt up big rims to your Hopper... now it's your time. :)

    • Added "5-Lug Front Wheel Hubs w/ 40mm Spacers" for the Hopper. This gives the Hopper access to the plethora of wheel/tire combinations which D-up already added for the Pickup & Roamer. Not every tire combination is guaranteed to fit on the Hopper without rubbing.
    • Added "Frame w/ 1.25in body...
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  5. Initial v0.8 support

    Updated several aspects for v0.8 (new powertrain) support:
    1. Refreshed all included configurations for new official powertrain components.
    2. Refreshed all four included Pickup frames based on changes made to the Pickup in v0.8.
    3. Replaced the "Heavy" lifted Roamer frame with a standard lifted Roamer frame for now. Again, the current frame is based on the updated Roamer frame released with v0.8.
    4. Fixed included "wheel spacers" to function with the drivetrain update....
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  6. MODERATION : files fix

    MODERATION : files fix
  7. Roamer Body Lift


    • Ported body lift kit over to the Roamer.
    • Moved offset hubs into /common/ so that the Roamer can use all of the wheel/tire combos which the D-series can.
    • Moved drop suspension parts into /common/ so that the Roamer can use them.
    • Added a simple body-lifted Roamer config.
    • Added 265/55R19 Sport Tires for the...
  8. hotfix

    The last version I uploaded did not add the roll pan. Oops! This one does.
  9. MODERATION : zip renamedRemoved unused file

    MODERATION : Removed unused file
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  10. ext frame + configs

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