D15 And D35 Pack + 2 Drift Missiles V7

This pack has more variants of the D15 and D35 Pickup along with 2 Drift Missiles

  1. 147689
    Hi, I have made a D15 and D35 pack along with a couple drift missiles
    Vehicles included:
    D35 Single Cab Dually
    D35 Single Cab Dually with trailer
    D15 Extended Cab Sport
    D15 Extended Pig
    D15 Drift Missile
    Gavril D15 Cabster Drift Missile
    Gavril Roamer Sport
    D15 Ext Cab Lifted Babywheel Edition
    The vehicles can be spawned in the vehicle selector.
    And, you can put 4-lug wheels on the pickup
    Have fun!​


    1. screenshot_00513.png
    2. screenshot_00514.png
    3. screenshot_00516.png
    4. screenshot_00577.png
    5. screenshot_00580.png
    6. screenshot_00581.png
    7. bigolebaby.png
    8. screenshot_00800.png
    9. screenshot_00802.png
    10. screenshot_00803.png
    11. screenshot_00814.png

Recent Updates

  1. Update
  2. 4 new vehicles
  3. minor update

Recent Reviews

  1. Marc_Origins
    Version: V7
    i like it but i have a bug that brokes the front or the rear axle and also both axle can get broken and if you change of suspension it will not happen nothin
  2. IEVR
    Version: V7
    I loooooove the D35 Dually Short Cab Short bed in factory blue paint.
    One thing I wish is optional trailer choices- For example I run a lot of cars at the Brutal Slope (2.0) track and about halfway down I will usually roll my truck and if I have a trailer with me it will just plop off and acquire no damage whatsoever; Basically I wish I had several trailer choices that could acquire damage and optional cargo to put on the trailers and in the bed of the truck.
    I know that i'm asking a lot but that would make this mod sooo much better
  3. Jayden Leitgeb
    Jayden Leitgeb
    Version: V7
    i do like this mod but when i get it the gavril rommer is gone that should not happen weird
  4. dennisoosterbeek
    Version: D15D35PackV4
    its not :D
  5. Acrain7
    Version: 2016-01-21
    love this, but how exactly is the 'Easter egg' an Easter egg?
  6. milk7418
    Version: 2016-01-21
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