D15 And D35 Pack + 2 Drift Missiles V7

This pack has more variants of the D15 and D35 Pickup along with 2 Drift Missiles

  1. Update

    Changed zip name in order to prevent issues with other mods.
  2. 4 new vehicles

    four new vehicles have been added: D15 Drift Missile, Gavril H15 Cabster Drift Missile, D15 Ext Cab Lifted Babywheel Edition, and Gavril Roamer Sport


    1. screenshot_00800.png
    2. screenshot_00802.png
    3. screenshot_00803.png
    4. bigolebaby.png
  3. minor update

    fixed the line with the cabster missile that said "4.57 Limited Slip Differential", it was supposed to say "Welded Differential", which it now says that
  4. small update

    added the option to put 4-lug wheels on the pickup


    1. screenshot_00814.png
    2. screenshot_00815.png
  5. minor update

    made the headlights a little brighter


    1. screenshot_00727.png
    2. screenshot_00728.png
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