D15 Bandito 2.3

Full-size SUV with 2 doors and a removable cap

  1. BeamNG 0.17 jbeam update (fixes door latch problem)

    -fixed door latches that were broken from changes made to D-series door latches in 0.17
    -updated all other jbeam files to match changes made to D-series in 0.17
  2. BeamNG 0.16 updates and a diesel fuel tank

    -Updated all jbeams with changes for BeamNG 0.16 D-series (including new exhaust muffler code)
    -Added diesel fuel tank for the new diesel engines for the D-series (also as previously requested)
    -Added the off-road lights to the roof basket from the Roamer
    -Updated config prices to reflect new D-series prices and added alternate transmission choice configs for a few trim levels.
    -Updated thumbnails
    -Fixed a few errors and inconsistencies in some of the configs
  3. 5-link rear suspension and off-road roof rack

    -Added optional 5-link off-road rear suspension
    -Optional rear roof rack and the off-road "roof basket" with accessories from the Roamer
    -two new configs
    -edited rear side window shape; made them a little taller
    -updated thumbnails
    -strengthened rear tire carrier more
    -other smaller fixes and improvements
  4. Version 2.0 - New front fascia and updated features

    -New front fascia (can also be uesd on the D-series pickup)
    -New zebra stripe skin (colorable) and new config to go with it
    -changed alternate color cap to use 3rd color palette (allows for more paint color combinations)

    -Updated jbeams to all BeamNG 0.15 features/changes (including horn and interior sounds)
    -various improvements to the 3d model
    -strengthened spare tire holder and tailgate some to reduce bending due to weight of spare tire
    -heavily reduced cap shake and jiggling while...
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