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Outdated Dansworth 1500 Powertrain Mod 1.3

New radiators, new transmissions. Get driving :)

  1. Automatic Transmission tuning

    Much much improved transmission for the gasoline school bus. (supporting agression factor)
    Haven't added propane for gasoline bus yet, will be in next update.
  2. Adds V10 Triton

    Adds the Ford triton V8
    Torque curve and coding supplied by
    With a modified Gavril 6-Speed Automatic transmission as it's only option.
    Quite slow and when you do need the power you can floor it.
    Superchargers are optional ;)
  3. 18L V8 support, Drag configs, 9A trans, radiators

    Adds these:
    9A=Same as 7spd but with 2 over drive gears (ive lost count on how many overdrive gears we have now :p )
    4A=Heavy duty variant has a bigger T/C and powerful lockup clutch.

    Dirty Radiator=Overheats quite easily
    Normal Radiator=Realistic? Less overpowered than original
    High Performance Radiator=For drag configs (has thermostat wide open).

    Configs snapshot:
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