Dansworth C1500 (Type-C) Front Engine Bus 7

Schoolbus based on the T-75 frame

  1. ThreeDTech21

    Dansworth American School Bus D1500 Type-C Front Engine

    default.png schoolbus_derbyblack_offroad.png schoolbus_derbyred_offroad.png schoolbus_offroad.png schoolbus_drift_missle_offroad_rear.png schoolbus_drag.png schoolbus_bulldozer.png

    This is the Dansworth Yellow American School Bus, its built on the T-75 frame, its more powerful than it looks, it can haul up to 15 tons of additional weight. It has all the additions of a real school bus check the features below.

    Some Info:
    TYPE C: A Type “C” school bus is constructed utilizing a chassis with a hood and front fender assembly. The entrance door is behind the front wheels. A “type C school bus” also includes a cutaway truck chassis or truck chassis with cab, with or without a left side door, and with a GVWR greater than 21,500 pounds.
    • 6 Different camera views
    • 24 passengers
    • All working lights
    • Working doors

    How to drive a school bus
    Before coming to a stop to pick up kids, put on your hazards
    when at full stop turn on you parking brake
    wait until the kids sit down
    turn off your parking brake
    turn off your hazard
    signal left / check your mirrors
    pull off slowly and depart : )

    How to drive a Prison Bus
    Before coming to a stop to pick up inmates, put on your hazards
    when at full stop turn on you parking brake
    wait until the inmates are secured
    wait for police to issue a roll call
    give the officers the approved route
    turn off your parking brake
    turn off your hazard
    signal left / check your mirrors
    pull off slowly and depart : )

    How to drive a Derby Bus
    Step on the gas
    Ram any other derby bus/car in your line of sight
    ram in reverse to preserve the engine
    Never get T-Boned
    if engine shuts off, jump out and run for your life!

Recent Reviews

  1. dodsonjd
    Version: 7
    I love this mod! You cannot have beamngdrive without a school bus! I am a really big fan of crashing school buses in any kind of game! And when this mod was released I loved beamngdrive even more! My favorite part of this mod is when you reach a certain speed and make a swift turn you can flip the bus over! So fun! :) And I love the amount of destruction a bus can do! For example the school bus is almost indestructible in a police chase! Thank you so much! :)
  2. mowens07 Gaming
    mowens07 Gaming
    Version: 7
    v True Dat
  3. umustbeloggedintododat
    Version: 7
  4. Tonesbalones
    Version: 7
    Random things break when spawned in. Not well rounded.
  5. rnd2k
    Version: 7
    Great modeling and texturing, only flaw is that the body doesn't brake on panels, only melts, and i wish to get a shorter bus :D Thx for you're work !
  6. Orangematz
    Version: 7
    Great mod. Would make it perfect if there were ABS brakes and maybe some other engines.
  7. InsertNameHere²
    Version: 7
    - It's a school bus
    - Good varied configs
    - Lots of extra stuff you can add when editing the bus in game

    - Current sounds for the bus is meh, would be better if it used BeamNG's sound / exhaust like the T - Series or Dansworth
    - The engine's flywheel seems very heavy by default, like it has the T-Series's heavy flywheel on by default when using the automatics
    - Driver's camera is super far forward, and since it doesn't seem to be named correctly or in the correct camera position when selecting through, you can't adjust it

    Good mod, just needs some polish
  8. Natandog
    Version: 7
    66.6 MB???
  9. alvin05
    Version: 6.5
    when i spawn the bus the dummies heads are floating above it anyway u could fix that
  10. pythonkills
    Version: 6.5
    I love this mod based on the fact that it was needed, but id really like if there were actual diesel sounds, or just better ones in general, and if the thing didnt rattle so much, its really flimsy
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